We are excited to announce the beginning of the 11th season (2022/2023) of the Kenosha Wrestling Academy (KWA) wrestling organization.  We are a first class sporting organization committed to supporting the needs of youth in and around the Kenosha County community.  We are so glad that you are getting your child involved in the sport of wrestling and that you are here with us!      

“Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.”  – Dan Gable 

KWA Philosophy

The Kenosha Wrestling Academy is dedicated to teaching the sport of wrestling to youth grades K-8, regardless of experience.  Through wrestling, we provide opportunities to build personal character, integrity, respect, responsibility, and other skills necessary for them to reach their potential, both on the mat and as citizens in the greater community.   Our program will concentrate on teaching kids balance, coordination, speed, agility, technique, respect, self confidence, and building friendships.  With a staff of experienced coaches, our wrestlers will display the highest degree of sportsmanship, competitive spirit, and even have fun during the season and practices.        

“Wrestlers compete as individuals, yet the sport builds comradery like no other.”  – Cael Sanderson 

Open Door Policy/Communication

 We would like to extend an invitation and encourage all involved to approach us at any time after practice or via email or phone.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or compliments during the season, please never hesitate to contact us.  Open communication is the key to a successful season.  We truly welcome your feedback on what is working as well as suggestions and ideas that will help us best support your wrestler.   

Note to Parents

We truly enjoy working with your child and strive to maintain a positive atmosphere and experience for your wrestler.  With that being said, we are not childcare providers.  We ask that you please be on time to pick your wrestler up.  If you are unable to be there, please let a coach and/or another parent know so that we can be prepared..  Please do not leave other siblings unattended, even if you are volunteering. Please remember that we are guests of Indian Trail High School, and we need to be respectful in their space.   We are a fully insured club, but only for our registered wrestlers. We would hate to see a sibling of one of our wrestlers injured.  If you bring siblings, please bring activities to keep them occupied and make sure that they are supervised at all times.  Thank you for your cooperation and support. 


All wrestlers will be expected to wear appropriate practice or workout attire.  ( KWA provides one set of practice clothes as part of your wrestler’s tuition.)  Wrestling shoes are required and headgear is strongly recommended.  Headgear is required for tournaments.  Shorts should not have pockets or fall below the knee if possible, and please send your wrestler with a water bottle.  Outside shoes, jeans, belts, or shirts with buttons or snaps will NOT  be permitted on the wrestling mat.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  

These rules are in place to protect your wrestler and keep the mats safe for the entire team.   

Practice Schedule- unless otherwise noted: 

  • Monday and Thursday from 4:15-5:45 at Indian Trail High School 
  • Advanced practice: Wednesday from 4:30-6 at 2500 52nd St. (This will begin approximately mid-January 2023 and will be by coach’s invitation) 

Please plan for your wrestler to attend all practices.  Every practice is a chance to learn and improve their skills. Please encourage your wrestler(s) to do their very best and work hard in practice. Please remind them that every practice is a chance to get better. ***If Indian Trail closes due to bad  weather or otherwise, we will NOT have practice*** 

“Have fun and try your best every time you step out on the mat.  Do not worry about wins and losses.  Just worry about giving it your best every time…and learn as much as you can”  – Jake Varner 


We will provide a schedule of all of the tournaments that KWA coaches will attend.    Please check our Facebook page, and your email for reminders and updates before registering for tournaments,  as changes do happen.  Please let coaches know if you are going to a tournament so we have an accurate count of competing wrestlers.   For most tournaments, you will be responsible for registering your wrestler online at  www.trackwrestling.com.   Please be sure to register your wrestler under Kenosha Wrestling Academy so that coaches can get alerts for your wrestler’s match.  As a general rule,  tournaments do not issue refunds for non-attendance.  However, please let coaches know if your wrestler will not attend due to illness or other unforeseen events so that we can be prepared.  

Tournaments are not mandatory, however, we strongly recommend getting involved and at least trying a few out to gauge your wrestler’s interest.  Tournaments are really fun for the wrestlers.  They help us find out what we are doing well and what we need to work on in practice.  This is what we work for! So, please consider joining us for as many tournaments as you feel comfortable with.  

“I dream big. I work hard…..Don’t stop dreaming and don’t stop believing.”  – Jordan Burroughs 

Skin Disease

Skin disease is a very serious part of wrestling and we feel obligated to bring this possibility to your attention.  The Kenosha Wrestling Academy is very careful in trying to prevent and eliminate these problems.  The mats are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.  Coaches are regularly keeping an eye out for potential problems.   Please check your wrestlers and have them self-check for skin problems regularly.  If there is a problem or you notice something concerning,  please bring it to the coaches attention as soon as possible.  Any open wound or sore should be neatly covered or wrapped.  If it can not be covered effectively, the wrestler will not be able to participate. The coach will make final decisions for participation at practice and skin checks will be performed at most if not all tournaments.   

What wrestlers and coaches can do to stop the spread of skin disease 

  • Do not use others’ belongings 
  • Never walk barefoot in public places 
  • After bathing or swimming, dry your feet and in-between your toes thoroughly 
  • Do not involve yourself in any contact sports without wearing socks or shoes 
  • Change your socks and underwear frequently 
  • Wrestlers should shower as soon as possible after workouts and competition with disinfectant soap,  preferably an antibacterial soap.  Do not wait until the following morning to shower!   
  • Wash your hands frequently. 
  • Clothing should be washed daily, including all towels. 
  • Always begin practice in freshly washed clothing.  
  • Following each use, headgear should be wiped down with disinfectant/ antibacterial wipes 
  • Neoprene sleeves and support braces must be wiped with disinfectant after each use. 
  • Wrestlers that have open wounds or breaks in the skin should have those areas completely covered to prevent any cross-contamination or infection.  
  • If a wrestler or parent believes they may have a skin infection, notify a coach as soon as possible.  
  • All team members should keep their fingernails short in order to avoid scratching anyone 
  • Proper hygiene will greatly reduce the spread of skin diseases.  If a wrestler sees a skin lesion on his/her body, he/she needs to get it checked immediately.  The wrestler should tell the coach about it, and see a physician at the first opportunity.  If a skin infection is diagnosed, the wrestler should follow all  physician recommendations to avoid spreading it  to other wrestlers.

 “This is a sport (wrestling) that has turned many boys into men and many men into leaders.  It is a sport where you can be a giant regardless of how big you are.”  – Carl Albert 


The Kenosha Wrestling Academy is a non-profit organization.  Fundraising is critical to keep our club running and for the continued growth of our club.   We need to raise funds to maintain our building, provide assistance and scholarships for wrestlers, cleaning supplies for mats, first aid supplies, coach entry fees, tournament start up costs, etc.  There are an abundance of costs associated with running a wrestling club.  We need your help! 

We are actively seeking sponsorships as well as a fundraising coordinator.  If you can help us with fundraising ideas, coordination, or support, please let a coach know as soon as possible. 

We will provide  fundraising details for you as they become available. 


Wrestlers are required to wear singlets for competition (tournaments.)  Parents will have the option to purchase a singlet for their child or rent one for the season by checking one out.  Those renting a singlet will need to return it in good condition at the end of the season.  You will need a deposit check made out to “KWA” in the amount of $60 when checking out a singlet.  This check will not be cashed unless your singlet is not checked back in at the end of the season.  When you return your singlet, your check will be returned to you. Remaining checks will be cashed the day after the banquet at the end of the season.   

Singlets and team gear are available for purchase through December 16.  Please follow the Facebook link and place your order as soon as possible! 

***Washing Instructions*** 

Please wash your singlet on the cold/gentle cycle or hand wash it, then hang dry.  This helps the color and elasticity of the spandex last longer. 


  • KWA will use email as our primary source of communication.  Please check your email for updates and information at the beginning of each week. 
  • We often use our Facebook page as a means of communication and for quick reminders for the team. .  Please join Kenosha Wrestling Academy on Facebook.  For many of us, this is a simplified means of communication.  
  • We also use our website for communicating information and updates.  Please check the website regularly for any changes or updates. 

KWA Board Members

Jose Torres – President 

Oscar Ramos – Vice President

Greg Foster – Treasurer

Iris Mulnix – Secretary 

Shane Ramos – Head Coach

Lenny Kiser – Head Coach Asst.


Shane Ramos – Head coach 

Lenny Kiser – Assistant head coach 

Leo Kiser – Assistant coach 

Shane Murray – Assistant coach  

***We are always looking for additional coaches to help out in practices and at tournaments.  We try our very best to have coaches in each  wrestler’s corner at their matches.  In order to accomplish that, we need as many volunteer coaches as possible.  If you have experience wrestling, and are willing to volunteer, please see Coach Shane for more information and we will help you get the certifications you need to assist our wrestlers on the mat. 

Volunteer Opportunities & Ways to get Involved

KWA is in need of:

Fundraising coordinator – plan and organize in-season and off-season fundraising for KWA. 

Website director – maintain and update the KWA website. 

Team coordinator – plan team building activities,  plan and organize end of the year banquet, coordinate off season activities and fundraising.  

Travel coordinator – find rates and block rooms for team travel,  restaurant reservations, etc  

Tournament coordinator – parent liaison for our team tournament, the KWA Bulldog Brawl. Coordinate volunteers for  concessions, admission, etc. 

We appreciate every volunteer.  If you think of a way to volunteer and support this team, please present any assistance you can provide to a coach as asap.  Even simple things like making pins to hand out or coordinating a team activity after a tournament can have an incredible impact for our wrestlers.  The best way to help your wrestler and this team to be successful is to get involved!